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Appetizers to Delight

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The Main Course May be the Star, but the Appetizer is the Opening Act

Finally, the event doors open and your guests are excited to be in attendance but also have come peckish.  Sounds familiar, whether you are the guest or the host. Get the festivities started right by offering delectable and satisfying appetizers. The taste buds will be longing for something delicious so don’t waste this occasion to delight the audience. This is the opening act to entice the palate with expectations for the main event. Here are a few ideas.Continue Reading Appetizers to Delight


Going Green for Corporate Parties and Weddings

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Make Your Event Environmentally Friendly with These Ideas

Going green as a theme or means of execution for a party or event is one of Common Plea Catering’s many expertise’s! It is easy, doable and impactful so don’t be shy to give a tip of the cap to Mother Nature at your next gathering. Sustainability, eco-friendly, reusable, and recycling are some hot button buzzwords that all matter in the scope of planning an earth friendly event. You’ll find going green still has the exhaustive list of options and choices for creating a special event and it is without the sacrifice of luxury, creativity, or decadence. Common Plea Catering is well versed in going green within their business practices and can lend a hand in delivering an eco-elegant event. Here is a look at a few ideas that can make your event or wedding greener.Continue Reading Going Green for Corporate Parties and Weddings

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Senator John Heinz History Center

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The Place for Your Next Event or Wedding

Special events and stress seem to go hand in hand for every planner! When the event is as important as a wedding, the opportunity for stress to grow considerably naturally presents itself. Selecting the right venue and caterer is the easiest way to elude some pressures and keep the wedding planning through actual event enjoyable. Venue choice is vital to the success.  The selected venue should neatly align and reflect the desired style, the couple or business and comfortably accommodate the guest list.  In considering Senator John Heinz History Center, there is no need to worry about the venue. If Pittsburgh, PA is the desired location of your event, look no further than the Heinz History Center for a great setting that is in a prime location of the city. Common Plea Catering, champions the event space and catering at the museum which means the only “hitch” will be reserved for the couple!Continue Reading Senator John Heinz History Center

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Catering Ideas for Wedding

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Ideas That Take Your Wedding to the Top

The devil is in the details! Hiring the right cater for your wedding is the easiest way to take some of the burden of the details off a couple’s shoulders. Common Plea Catering is just that caterer, and their signature way of business, is to manage the full-scope of details. Anyone can set out a buffet of food, but for a special occasion, there needs to be more emphasis on the presentation and the food being offered. From 50+ years of experience Common Plea Catering has a few tips for adding special touches to a wedding day celebration.Continue Reading Catering Ideas for Wedding