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Wedding Menus That Will Surprise and Delight Your Guests

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Incorporating the Right Food for the Event

If you have ever attended a wedding you understand that apart from seeing two people come together in true and unrequited love, the food is the most important aspect. Everyone has a story of a beautiful wedding cast into the darkness by food that was not properly prepared. Even the best and most elaborate wedding can be brought low with inadequate food offerings. Never allow your big day to be downgraded with substandard food. Here are a few ways that you can ensure that your wedding food will be memorable and wonderful every time and how you can incorporate some of your favorite foods right into the ceremony.Continue Reading Wedding Menus That Will Surprise and Delight Your Guests


Picking a Theme for Your Wedding

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How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Perfect Day

You may not remember every single detail of your married life, but the beginning, the wedding, you will remember. People dream of their wedding long before their potential spouse is ever chosen and when they meet that special someone, their wedding preparation plans go into overtime. Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be quite stressful. You need to have the right venue to accommodate the number of potential guests as well as the right type and amount of food for the reception, but apart from all of that, to make your wedding especially memorable, you should incorporate a theme. Picking a theme for your wedding may seem like a challenge, but here are some pointers to help you out with the preparation.Continue Reading Picking a Theme for Your Wedding

Quinn Marshall - Chef de Cuisine of Pastry at Common Plea Catering

You Go Girl!

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Our catering kitchen continues to improve by expanding our pastry department. Quinn Marshall has been a pastry chef for 17 years. She gained her experience by working with Whole Foods and USA Gourmet to name a few. We are pleased to welcome Quinn as our Chef de Cuisine of Pastry at the Common Plea Catering kitchen.Continue Reading You Go Girl!

Positive changes in our future!

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Adam putting his culinary skills to great use

Adam putting his culinary skills to great use

We are excited to welcome a new member to the Common Plea team. Corporate Executive Chef Adam Gooch returns to Pittsburgh after residing in Washington D.C. for the past 4 years. Adam is an established chef and has received numerous awards and accolades for his food and culinary inventiveness. Along with his years of experience, Adam brings a positive attitude into our kitchen with his uplifting personality, high energy and constantly trying to make each plate better than the last. Adam’s energy and creativeness has brought a spark to our kitchen that has invigorated our chefs and brought new life to our company. He plans to have an inspirational wall in the kitchen that will allow our chefs and event planners to post new ideas and concepts that his team can discuss and incorporate into future use. This concept will allow everyone to be part of the creative process, allowing each member to be part of the team and take ownership of their ideas. Please read his full bio in the “Meet the Team” section of our website.Continue Reading Positive changes in our future!