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Senator John Heinz History Center

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The Place for Your Next Event or Wedding

Special events and stress seem to go hand in hand for every planner! When the event is as important as a wedding, the opportunity for stress to grow considerably naturally presents itself. Selecting the right venue and caterer is the easiest way to elude some pressures and keep the wedding planning through actual event enjoyable. Venue choice is vital to the success.  The selected venue should neatly align and reflect the desired style, the couple or business and comfortably accommodate the guest list.  In considering Senator John Heinz History Center, there is no need to worry about the venue. If Pittsburgh, PA is the desired location of your event, look no further than the Heinz History Center for a great setting that is in a prime location of the city. Common Plea Catering, champions the event space and catering at the museum which means the only “hitch” will be reserved for the couple!Continue Reading Senator John Heinz History Center

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Catering Ideas for Wedding

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Ideas That Take Your Wedding to the Top

The devil is in the details! Hiring the right cater for your wedding is the easiest way to take some of the burden of the details off a couple’s shoulders. Common Plea Catering is just that caterer, and their signature way of business, is to manage the full-scope of details. Anyone can set out a buffet of food, but for a special occasion, there needs to be more emphasis on the presentation and the food being offered. From 50+ years of experience Common Plea Catering has a few tips for adding special touches to a wedding day celebration.Continue Reading Catering Ideas for Wedding

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Wedding Expenses

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What to Splurge On and Where to Save

Planning your wedding day is a daunting task when it comes to juggling the many details and a budget. The simplistic ceremonies of old have given way to lavish affairs – that have caused many couples to go into debt. It is tricky to find the sweet spot between the luxury wedding of star-studded dreams and a budget conscious wedding. Hiring the right vendors, like Common Plea Catering, allows newlyweds to get their dream wedding and more importantly the marriage off to the right start. As most veteran married couples will attest, it is a lot easier moving forward in the relationship when you are not saddled by wedding debt. With some careful planning, you can economize and splurge while creating a memorable wedding event. The trick is to find the right balance so that the wedding experience is fluid. Check-out these ideas on where to binge and where to save for your wedding.Continue Reading Wedding Expenses

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Wedding Menus That Will Surprise and Delight Your Guests

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Incorporating the Right Food for the Event

If you have ever attended a wedding you understand that apart from seeing two people come together in true and unrequited love, the food is the most important aspect. Everyone has a story of a beautiful wedding cast into the darkness by food that was not properly prepared. Even the best and most elaborate wedding can be brought low with inadequate food offerings. Never allow your big day to be downgraded with substandard food. Here are a few ways that you can ensure that your wedding food will be memorable and wonderful every time and how you can incorporate some of your favorite foods right into the ceremony.Continue Reading Wedding Menus That Will Surprise and Delight Your Guests