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Catering Ideas for Wedding

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Ideas That Take Your Wedding to the Top

The devil is in the details! Hiring the right cater for your wedding is the easiest way to take some of the burden of the details off a couple’s shoulders. Common Plea Catering is just that caterer, and their signature way of business, is to manage the full-scope of details. Anyone can set out a buffet of food, but for a special occasion, there needs to be more emphasis on the presentation and the food being offered. From 50+ years of experience Common Plea Catering has a few tips for adding special touches to a wedding day celebration.

Station-Style Reception

A buffet approach for the wedding menu service is an easy place to start in the food planning process and typically the most cost efficient. Catering carries a hearty portion of spend within a wedding budget so consider adding some panache to the food experience for your guests, while being mindful of the budget.

The layout and ideal food experience at the point of consumption should get substantial planning and attention. Will the food maintain the right temperature, can it withstand the environment, especially for an outdoor wedding, will the food keep a fresh and an appealing look? These are just some of the angles that need to be well-thought- out in the menu planning phase. Equally the caterer should be prepared to execute it to perfection. It is very important to maintain a high-quality food presentation and taste for creating an enjoyable dining experience. A clever way to ensure that this happens is to establish working food stations; these mini-buffets can be set-up throughout the reception space.

A station-style food service, for example, may include a tapas station, carving posts, pasta bars, waffle bars, flambé dessert station and a coffee bar for added buzz. The station-style approach give guests an opportunity to try many things, they won’t be standing in long lines, and as an added benefit they can request exactly how they would like their dish prepared. If you have an enthusiastic chef manning a station, you may find that they provide some pleasant and unexpected entertainment with their ability to catch certain dishes on fire and toss the food with flair!

Shake up the Traditional

What wedding have you been to that did not include a cheese and fruit display? That combination is a staple of most wedding receptions. In looking to make your wedding reception unique, there is no reason to avoid the standard fare but there are plenty of means for a fresh take on this traditional element.

In addition to the fruit and cheese offering, consider presenting some rustic breads and meats for a charcuterie table. Expand the cheese selection to include some soft and spreadable cheeses. Mix in unexpected fruits, such as figs, apricots or cherries. Another enhancement to the cheese and fruit is to include elements that will give new textures, flavors or pairings opportunities. Jams, mustards and honey can easily dress-up the table. Moreover, the introduction of rosemary, sage, dill, oregano or other herbs can be eye appealing color to the display but be functional for expanding the taste palate.

With so many combinations between the fruit, cheese, breads/crackers, condiments and herbs, an added touch is to provide recommend taste combinations for your guests to experiment with. Mini-menu cards will function as a guide and naturally encourage guests to try something new. These few simple additions to the standard cheese table turns it into a food destination that will pique interest.

Bring Out Your Inner Child

Children always find a way to enjoy themselves and bring energy to a party! Embrace that side of yourself and bring some whimsical offerings into your catering menu that will put a smile on guest’s faces. Things such as small glasses of ice-cold milk with cookies will delight your guests. A s’mores bar is an entertaining and interactive spin on dessert. Another idea is to offer a hot chocolate bar or a candy bar for the same effect.

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with a take-home snack-box at the end of the reception. Fill the box with a water, a small sandwich, homemade chips and fruit for an easy take-away. The take-home box is also a great place for leaving a note of thanks to your guests. Boxes can be elaborate and personalized or completely functional, either way it is thoughtful closure gesture for your guests to enjoy.

Carnival Fare

Food at a wedding does not have to be boring. It can be fun if you are willing to get creative; for example, consider carnival style treats. The food is decadent and a scrumptious indulgence that is reserved for only a few times a year, making it an extra special treat at your wedding reception. Taking some of your fair favorites and offering them as a quirky and playful treat is a sure way to thrill your guests. Cotton candy, kettle corn, and funnel cakes are just a few examples of crowd pleasing fair food. Seek out unique opportunities for serving these fun inspired foods; work closely with the caterer to ensure that the concept of carnival fair food is carried all the way through. A dash of carnival fun at your wedding reception is a playful touch that put a personal stamp on your wedding!

Who to Turn To

We offer some great ideas, but you need the right partner to make them happen. It is important to make sure that your concepts play well off one another and have fluidity within your wedding reception.

Pulling together a theme and a matching menu is a hefty task, luckily if you live in Western PA, you have a friend in the catering business! Common Plea Catering wants to be your trusted partner in bring your dream wedding reception to life. Call today to get started!