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How to Carry Your Corporate Brand Through a Party with Food and Drink

Your brand identity is the heart of your company. The value of keeping your brand at the forefront for perspective clients, constituents and employees cannot be underestimated. It is extremely important to have a strong brand presence to maintain and attract new business. Advertising tactics such as television commercials, fliers, magazine ads, and digital ads can garner the leads you desire, but what pairs well, is to offer unique experiences or ways to reinforce your brand, support fledgling partnerships or acknowledge those long-lasting relationships that are key to your business.

An invaluable tool in the fast-paced world of business is to slow-down and have an in-person interaction. Spending time face-to- face is ideal for relationship building and demonstrating genuine interest. Let the employees be the face and ambassadors of the company and let a well-crafted experience be the subtle and refined touch that reinforces the brand or company principles. It seems like a lofty notion to consider food as a vehicle for branding but the clever minds of Common Plea Catering are well versed in taking on this challenge.

Theme Colors

One of the easiest ways to get your brand in the minds of your customers is with color. People associate specific colors to specific brands just like they do with the logos themselves. Matching the colors of your event though table settings and d├ęcor is nothing new, but bringing that element of marketing into the food is a perceptive concept. Drinks are easily matched with the color of the brand and even some companies go so far as to have the bartender mix up a special drink with a nomenclature to match the occasion. Color is a powerful thing and having your brand color in the setting, drinks and food can add a bit of whimsy to the occasion.

Branding and food

When businesses think of imprinting their logo onto an object it typically involves paper or a marketing trinket, but the ability to print has come a long way. Printing is not just for paper objects and fabrics; your desserts or specialty food items can also be a showcase for making that lasting impression of your mark. Impress your guests with corporate touches that push the limit or carry an unpredictable logo placement to demonstrate just how inventive the company can be. The limits are endless with what can be done with food to promote brand identity. Sit down with an expert at Common Plea to start the brainstorm!

From ice sculptures of the brand image to small personal depictions that clients can pick right off the buffet, it is a challenge that Common Plea readily takes on. The menu is a unique opportunity to incorporate brand identity. As the event is planned this is a crafty area to explore so it is best to not miss that opportunity in the early preparation stages.

Who to Call

Your corporate event does not have to be drab and boring with a predictable menu. At Common Plea Catering, the goal is to make your event special. Though the superior staff, from the front of the house to the back, for the last 50+ years Common Plea Catering has changed the game of what it means to hire a caterer. Their chefs are among the best at understanding and delivering exactly what the client desires. Common Plea Catering makes your business their priority. Call today to begin planning your most memorable corporate event!