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How to Make an Average Corporate Party Spectacular with a Twist on the Menu

Corporate parties and events can often be very dry functions to attend. They seem to have the same type of food and be held at the same venue time after time. The commonality of the event can make guests dread attending. Although the event location is not always able to be changed, the menu is something that is flexible and should be given careful attention. Here are some ideas on how to take the same boring and expected menu, put a spin on it, and refresh the entire experience thereby creating a guest experience that will be enjoyed.

A Variety of Textures

One of the largest killers to any event is having multiple dishes with the same texture. Texture is important when it comes to the dining satisfaction of the guest. When there are too many soft items or a lot of items that are too crunchy, the pallet gets bored. Crunchy items can make your mouth tired of chewing and soft items can sit heavy in the diner’s stomach, filling them up too quickly. The best chefs utilize a variety of textures to keep their guest interested throughout the entire meal. Making the menu versatile allows guests to take interest and a positive engagement with their dining experience. Food is a very important element at any event, it is an opportunity to surprise and delight your guests by inspiring their pallet with a range of tastes and sensory experiences.

Spice it Up

Some people are under the impression that the food must taste the same at each event for consistency. They do not want to rock the boat and therefore end up with a rinse and repeat of the same menu, same flavors, same tastes.  One mind-set is that this path keeps the guests happy, however there is a missed opportunity when the same ‘ol same ‘ol becomes the norm. Changing up menu and offering food and flavor variations can breathe new life into an event.

The pallet is a peculiar thing. If food looks a certain way, our minds will perceive that it tastes a specific way. The pallet likes to be woken up from time to time. Spices used effectively in dishes send signals to our brains that maintain overall satisfaction. Varying up the menu with different flavors is a simple way to keep your guests interested in the food. There is a thought concept that used to be popular among cooks throughout the world, the chefs would purposely under season the food and simply put salt and pepper on the table for the guests to use. Where salt and pepper should be available to the guests, it is not the only means of adding taste and flavor to a dish.  Adding spices can add new dimension and enhance the natural flavors of the dish.  Quickly, a basic dish has flavor depth with some spice enhancements.  Working in a few unexpected flavors to the menu gives guests more interest in the food, it is an opportunity for guests to be engaged with the event experience.

Visual Enhancements

People eat with their eyes first. This reliable frame of mind should influence how the menu is presented. If a food does not look appetizing, it is not going to be popular amongst the guests. There is always a way to make a mundane offering look spectacular. Changing up the cooking technique or altering the shape of the item can change the overall perception of the dish.  Playing with the visual presentation of the menu is an opportunity to heighten guest interest and their enjoyment of eating at an event. For example, table bread can be changed from the traditional roll-style into twists or knots for a new appeal and tantalize the fun side of eating. A standard casserole type dish can be cooked in muffin tins to give them an hors d’oeuvre appeal. The list can go on and on when it comes to the shape of foods and how it is presented, this is an area where flexing some creative muscles can go a long way toward turning the tried and true into something new!

Who to Turn To

Not everyone is a culinary expert, so it is important to have a catering partner to take the reins on the implementation of texture, flavor, and presentation.  These three aspects have a dramatic and positive effect on any event. You never want to leave the food to chance especially when you looking to impress collogues from near and far. When it comes to catering, hire the best in the business, Common Plea Catering in Pittsburgh, PA.  Common Plea more than understands how to impress your guests with a tasteful menu and presentation that will leave a lasting impression.

Common Plea Catering is an expert partner for creating unique and impressive corporate events.  Understanding that guests may feel obligated to attend, because it is the company’s event, lends itself to a hosting responsibility that raises the bar for event expectations. Through exquisite catering, it is possible to make the event experience surpass the mindset of the obligation.

With 50+ years in business, Common Plea Catering is not like other catering companies. Over the years, they have honed a catering expertise that is unparalleled to the competition. Through time, care, industry commitment, hiring practices, Common Plea Catering has the right formula to ensure the best quality food and food experience at every event.

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