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Going Green for Corporate Parties and Weddings

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Make Your Event Environmentally Friendly with These Ideas

Going green as a theme or means of execution for a party or event is one of Common Plea Catering’s many expertise’s! It is easy, doable and impactful so don’t be shy to give a tip of the cap to Mother Nature at your next gathering. Sustainability, eco-friendly, reusable, and recycling are some hot button buzzwords that all matter in the scope of planning an earth friendly event. You’ll find going green still has the exhaustive list of options and choices for creating a special event and it is without the sacrifice of luxury, creativity, or decadence. Common Plea Catering is well versed in going green within their business practices and can lend a hand in delivering an eco-elegant event. Here is a look at a few ideas that can make your event or wedding greener.

Choice of Venue

When you plan an event of any kind, the space needs to accommodate the guest list. Firstly, understand how intimate or expansive the intended guest list is. This will lead you down the path of venue choices to best meet the needs and desired setting of the occasion. Choosing the venue may not be easy, but considering the scope of options that are fitting and add a green perspective, the choice will become clear. Quickly, look for a LEED certification, a Green Seal Certification or green architecture features such as green rooftops. These are indicators of sustainability practices with the building operations and infrastructure. If a traditional building space is not the answer, and going green is still important, look to the outdoors, bed and breakfasts, formal gardens, waterway features or even the zoo. Another option for going green with the venue selection is considering the time of year. Allow nature to give you its best in the spring and fall when there is limited or no need for air conditioning or heat. With thoughtful investigation and exploration, it is possible to have your green cake and eat it too in the perfect venue!

Emphasis on the Simple

The entertainment at a corporate event or wedding is important and when looking for green solutions it may feel like a limited category to go green in, but do not be deterred – many options are still available. Entertainment can be green with just as much fluidity as a refuse recycling plan from the caterer. To start, music of a DJ can be replaced with a solo instrument artist or a live band. If a DJ is needed from a cost perspective or because it is best suited for the venue, search out environmentally conscience DJs. Look for a DJ that manages their business with paperless contracts and invoices, high-grade rechargeable battery/mic packs, utilizes MP3 file format for the music, LED lighting, fuel efficient cars, etc. Some nontraditional entertainment that is also environmentally friendly can include a magician, acrobatic ribbon dancers or activities for the guests to entertain themselves (corn-hole, piñatas, face painting, card and gaming tables). As a bottom line when considering environmentally responsible entertainment, look for vendors that utilize environmentally friendly practices and half your work has been done!

Look at the Materials

One of the largest marks of the sustainable and green event is the materials used throughout the event. Materials that can be reused are highly prized in creating an eco-friendly event. Linen napkins, real stemware, dishwasher safe china and silverware as opposed to the throw-away variety are an important factor to avoid filling landfills with trash. Going green is also bigger than the means in which your guests eat and drink. Be savvy with the decorations too. Locally sourced flowers, table elements, LED lighting, soy wax candles, rental items, etc. are all means to brilliantly build the setting into the desired theme but go easy on the environment.

Event Gifts

Many corporate events and weddings look to close the celebration with a thoughtful gesture or token for the guests. If you are looking to emphasize the green mentality throughout the event, a consumable item is a viable option, if packed in a biodegradable wrapping. Another path is to send the guests off with a potted plant or locally sourced collection flowers. There are many choices of items that are seed packets and plantables that can be enjoyed later. The main factors in considering a responsible giveaway item is the product attributes; can it be reused, recycled, is it organic, compostable, or biodegradable? If a giveaway feels lack luster to you, an alternative option is to make a charitable donation on behalf of the guests. At the main egress, post signage of the donation and briefly describe the significance behind the charity of choice. No matter the closing gesture at the end of the event it is important to do something that is a thoughtful gesture of thanks.

We Can Help

One of the largest traditions in the culinary world is to utilize every part of the ingredient you are using. This is usually done to reduce costs within a restaurant, and secondly reducing the footprint of impact on the environment. At Common Plea Catering, we are experts of utilizing sustainable practices within our catering services. We enjoy showing off how we can take a few ingredients and make countless dishes that dazzle our guests. As a business, we have implemented paperless processes where possible, recycle at all opportunities, source locally, maintain a fleet of vehicles that run as efficiently as possible, and have a warehouse of rental and reuse items – this is just to name a few of our green practices. If you are planning a corporate event or wedding within the Pittsburgh area give us the chance to show you how our services can add value to your eco-elegant event. Common Plea Catering is comprised of culinary and event planning professionals that truly enjoy their chosen profession and can guide you to executing a perfectly green event. We know that not all parties are created environmentally equal, give us a call to execute a resourceful and responsible festivity!