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Hosting an Event or Wedding at Heinz Hall

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Makes Any Event Truly Special

If you have an event or wedding coming up in the near future, you may be considering different venues. The venue is a considerably important aspect of the event. You never want to leave the venue to chance or perhaps wait until the last minute to try to secure the appropriate spot. If you have an event coming up in the Greater Pittsburgh area look to the grandeur of Heinz Hall for something truly special. Heinz Hall is known for hosting the best and biggest events of the season and they invite you to host your next event in one of the amazing and elegant rooms. If you are looking for unparalleled elegance, style and sophistication, look no further than Heinz Hall.

The History

Some venues are built for the events they are set to contain. Others add a bit of mystery to every event they host by allowing the setting to seep directly into the event. That is something that Heinz Hall is best at. The history of Heinz Hall goes back to the 1880s and has been home to the early theater acts in that era.

Although the original building was not known as Heinz Hall but rather, Anderson House. Theater companies had to board the actors and Anderson House made for a spacious and accommodating stay. One of the most notable figures to house his acting company within the walls of Anderson House was John Wilkes Booth. Over time the reputation of the establishment slowly went downhill and the building eventually shut its doors in 1964. The location was vacant until the revitalization of the building into Heinz Hall in 1971. Since then, Heinz Hall has been hosting the most spectacular events in Pittsburgh. The most recent renovation in 2015 has catapulted the Hall into one of the most sought after places to have an event in the city.

The Mozart Room

When planning an event at Heinz Hall, you have many space choices. For those who want pure opulence in the venue choice, the Mozart Room is the clear winner. This room offers guests a dining experience that they will not soon forget. Guests are treated to not only an amazing dining atmosphere, but spectacular food as well. The Mozart Room is catered exclusively by Common Plea Catering, all you should worry about is making your reservations in time to secure the space! Room rental availability is based on the schedule of shows (Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra or other shows) hosted at Heinz Hall, therefore it is pertinent to start the scheduling process as early as possible. With the room reservation secured, Common Plea, with your input, will craft a menu that leaves a lasting impression in a setting that will be difficult to forget.

Regency Room

Some events do not require the full experience of a dinner menu. Simple events often require a small amount of space and a limited, but elegant menu. Common Plea Catering gives you and your guests that experience in the Regency Room. This room is perfectly suited for brunch, which is served every Sunday. Common Plea Catering puts on a delicious spread to start your Sunday off right; the room is also available for other events throughout the week, should you require a more intimate setting.

The Garden Café

There are times when you may not need an entire spread for brunch or for dinner, but a modest menu for lunch. Event planning takes a considerable amount of energy and when you need to refuel in the middle of the day, the Garden Café is open. Common Plea Catering serves your favorite lunch dishes in an elegant garden setting. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, the Garden Café is a gem nestled in the heart of the Cultural District. The Café is open weekdays from 11:30a.m. to 2:30p.m. with Happy Hour on Wednesday’s from 4:30p.m. to 7p.m. The Garden Café is an outdoor space, this year it will be open from May 31st – August 31st.

Common Plea Catering is the exclusive purveyor for Heinz Hall. Their menus are carefully fashioned for the needs of each event. From small intimate dining functions to the utmost elegant event imaginable, Common Plea can fulfill your needs at Heinz Hall. Common Plea Catering is a company that prides itself on offering every client a unique and high quality experience.

Do not trust your event and the food being served to just any catering company. Go to the professionals that can seamlessly combine location and catering into a full-service booking. Others try to compare themselves to the amazing and high quality standards of Common Plea Catering, but none can surpass their expertise. Your event or wedding is important and likely a hallmark occasion, Common Plea Catering along with one of the many Heinz Hall space choices will make your event pure perfection.