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Hosting an Event or Wedding at Heinz Hall

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Makes Any Event Truly Special

If you have an event or wedding coming up in the near future, you may be considering different venues. The venue is a considerably important aspect of the event. You never want to leave the venue to chance or perhaps wait until the last minute to try to secure the appropriate spot. If you have an event coming up in the Greater Pittsburgh area look to the grandeur of Heinz Hall for something truly special. Heinz Hall is known for hosting the best and biggest events of the season and they invite you to host your next event in one of the amazing and elegant rooms. If you are looking for unparalleled elegance, style and sophistication, look no further than Heinz Hall.Continue Reading Hosting an Event or Wedding at Heinz Hall

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Your Corporate Identity Everywhere

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How to Carry Your Corporate Brand Through a Party with Food and Drink

Your brand identity is the heart of your company. The value of keeping your brand at the forefront for perspective clients, constituents and employees cannot be underestimated. It is extremely important to have a strong brand presence to maintain and attract new business. Advertising tactics such as television commercials, fliers, magazine ads, and digital ads can garner the leads you desire, but what pairs well, is to offer unique experiences or ways to reinforce your brand, support fledgling partnerships or acknowledge those long-lasting relationships that are key to your business.Continue Reading Your Corporate Identity Everywhere

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Freshen up the Menu

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How to Make an Average Corporate Party Spectacular with a Twist on the Menu

Corporate parties and events can often be very dry functions to attend. They seem to have the same type of food and be held at the same venue time after time. The commonality of the event can make guests dread attending. Although the event location is not always able to be changed, the menu is something that is flexible and should be given careful attention. Here are some ideas on how to take the same boring and expected menu, put a spin on it, and refresh the entire experience thereby creating a guest experience that will be enjoyed.Continue Reading Freshen up the Menu

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Wedding Expenses

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What to Splurge On and Where to Save

Planning your wedding day is a daunting task when it comes to juggling the many details and a budget. The simplistic ceremonies of old have given way to lavish affairs – that have caused many couples to go into debt. It is tricky to find the sweet spot between the luxury wedding of star-studded dreams and a budget conscious wedding. Hiring the right vendors, like Common Plea Catering, allows newlyweds to get their dream wedding and more importantly the marriage off to the right start. As most veteran married couples will attest, it is a lot easier moving forward in the relationship when you are not saddled by wedding debt. With some careful planning, you can economize and splurge while creating a memorable wedding event. The trick is to find the right balance so that the wedding experience is fluid. Check-out these ideas on where to binge and where to save for your wedding.Continue Reading Wedding Expenses