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Senator John Heinz History Center

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The Place for Your Next Event or Wedding

Special events and stress seem to go hand in hand for every planner! When the event is as important as a wedding, the opportunity for stress to grow considerably naturally presents itself. Selecting the right venue and caterer is the easiest way to elude some pressures and keep the wedding planning through actual event enjoyable. Venue choice is vital to the success.  The selected venue should neatly align and reflect the desired style, the couple or business and comfortably accommodate the guest list.  In considering Senator John Heinz History Center, there is no need to worry about the venue. If Pittsburgh, PA is the desired location of your event, look no further than the Heinz History Center for a great setting that is in a prime location of the city. Common Plea Catering, champions the event space and catering at the museum which means the only “hitch” will be reserved for the couple!

Unique Venue

From annual events to a once in a lifetime celebration, all your needs can be met at the Heinz History Center.  The museum can accommodate intimate and small crowds to large, grandiose guest lists.  This kind of range means there no limit to making a comfortable setting for the entire guest list (with hotels and parking just across the street!). Heinz History Center has the right mix of unique and customizable spaces, charming touches of Pittsburgh, sophistication and always something new for guests to enjoy through the rotating exhibits.  The flexibility of this venue ensures a rinse and repeat of the usual is not a factor to contend with. Common Plea Catering functions as the Heinz History Center event planning staff and caterers; they are keen to new, fresh, and imaginative reception ideas but won’t disappoint in including a classic look and feel.  For each couple and event a custom blueprint is crafted with your wishes held at a premium.

The unique property of the Heinz History Center comes from the rich history that is within its walls. Heinz History Center is not just another history museum, but is the largest history museum in Pennsylvania. Consider including some of the unique displays available for exclusive viewing within the celebration.  This venue is well worth your consideration.  It runs the gamut on offerings; take a moment to explore and craft you perfect festivity.

A Smithsonian Affiliate

Heinz History Center is not just any venue. There is character and history at every turn.  The museum is a Smithsonian museum affiliate, which is a select and special designation. The museum offers many means of added interest; guests are sure to delight in their private exhibit viewing opportunities while taking part in the party.  The event or reception can flow seamlessly with the museum exhibits. Take advantage of the ability to connect people with the history of our region or simply enjoy the event space that best fits your guest list. The exhibits available cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the city, however, if you are exclusively looking for event space – you will not be disappointed.

Centrally Located

Sometimes the need for a unique venue can take events to areas that are not easily accessible or lack convenient guest amenities. One of the best things about Heinz History Center is the central location. This location, in Pittsburgh’s famous Strip District boasts, easy parking, close proximity to public transportation, hotels, and other restaurants and bars for guests looking to continue the celebration into the wee hours of the night. These accessibilities are sure to please your guests and enhance their stay in the city!

The Total Experience

When you book a venue, keep in mind that all venues do not include a caterer.  That means the planner must find a caterer for the event and trust that the caterer will be able to work within the setting.  Selecting Heinz History Center as your event venue comes with the enormous benefit of Common Plea Catering.  Common Plea Catering is the exclusive partner for space rentals and catering at the Heinz History Center.  Common Plea Catering has years of experience servicing Heinz History Center and thus have become experts in working the space to maximize the experience for their guests.  For each booking at Heinz History Center, Common Plea offers an Event Planner, Executive Chef, and highly-trained staff that are well prepared to execute each detail of your day to perfection.  Cheers to that! Heinz History Center is a top-notch venue for any event, give Common Plea Catering a call today to begin planning your dream wedding or event.