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What to Splurge On and Where to Save

Planning your wedding day is a daunting task when it comes to juggling the many details and a budget. The simplistic ceremonies of old have given way to lavish affairs – that have caused many couples to go into debt. It is tricky to find the sweet spot between the luxury wedding of star-studded dreams and a budget conscious wedding. Hiring the right vendors, like Common Plea Catering, allows newlyweds to get their dream wedding and more importantly the marriage off to the right start. As most veteran married couples will attest, it is a lot easier moving forward in the relationship when you are not saddled by wedding debt. With some careful planning, you can economize and splurge while creating a memorable wedding event. The trick is to find the right balance so that the wedding experience is fluid. Check-out these ideas on where to binge and where to save for your wedding.

The Venue

Where you have the wedding and reception is very important for developing the right ambiance and photo opportunities. Venues can charge hundreds and even thousands just for the space to have your wedding in. That will not include the food, decorations, or any other aspect of the event. Venues do not have to cost so much. Many times, you can find an inexpensive location such as a barn for a rustic wedding or a simple ballroom that are prime for layering in eye-catching and personalized wedding touches. If your budget is really tight, you can also save on the venue by talking to local community centers. The venue is important, but getting creative and being willing to bend will enable you to save a considerable amount on the event space. A great caterer will help you manage the environment by capturing guest attention with food and drink.


This is the part of your wedding that you can allow your creative juices to flow freely and get many talents involved. A well decorated wedding makes for an inviting and personal atmosphere as well lending itself to some great photo opportunities. You will likely have lots of people itching to help prepare for the big day. You will find that within the guest list, there are many people of varied talents that are willing to help. Take advantage of the talents and generosity offered. In preparing, you may end up with some memorable bonding time and get the decorations you desire! Simple designs on centerpieces and a specialized decorating theme will become much easier when many are involved, as we all know – many hands make light work! Simplistic can be elegant, taking this route is a savvy means of savings. Yet, before taking on a hand-crafted wedding, don’t be shy to investigate decor rentals. Rentals can be a cost and time saver when all the elements are compared. It is preparatory time well spent to explore the range of options before committing – you might be pleasantly surprised by what the cater already has at hand.

The Dresses

Great emphasis is put on the dress of the bride and bridesmaids, but it is often misplaced. There is typically a limit to how much one can spend on a wedding dress and how much you ask of those in the wedding party. Whether you want to have the dresses custom made or something off the rack – the infinite range of choices are there. Many people concentrate on having a lavish gown but with that luxury comes a hefty price tag. The bridal magazines would have you believe that the dress makes the bride, but that is a misplaced idea. Consider the big picture of the wedding and how the elements blend together – the dress, the bridal parties, the venue. Each element is unique by itself but in planning a wedding the goal is to have these assets work collaboratively to create an ambiance and memorable experience.

Dresses can be purchased at variety cost point options. There are boutiques, bridal warehouses, department stores, online and new-to-you choices. The variety of choice is intimidating, it is a huge playground of options which allows you to explore and find the style of your dreams. The price point of the dress can be minimal or grand but no matter what path you take, most importantly make sure the dress fits perfectly. Having the dress altered is a sure way to wow your spouse and guest as the bride. For a cost savings means, look to your family, friends or the wedding party – perhaps there is someone that can assist with alterations. Taking advantage of sales for the wedding party garb can make a huge difference and allows for sensitivity to everyone’s budget. Well-fitting wedding attire will always lend itself to beauty, grandeur and elegance of a wedding – no matter the budgetary perimeters of the wardrobe.

Where to Really Splurge

There are many aspects to your wedding that you can save on, but there is one very important aspect that you should never try to skimp on, the food. The food at your wedding will be remembered. People do come to your wedding to see you begin your lives together, but you can rest assured that everyone in the audience arrives hungry! Great wedding food is the epitome of party dining. The presentation, taste and quantity of food needs to be carefully executed. Having a caterer that is well versed is extremely important to ensuring your guests have the celebratory dining experience. Thinking through appetizers, passed hors d’oeuvres, food stations, sit down dinners, desserts, beverages, and maybe a special exit treat are means to thanking your guests for supporting the wedding. Food brings people together and makes people happy, this is an area to smartly dedicate a healthy budget.

Common Plea Catering Can Help

You may be wondering where to turn in the Pittsburgh, PA area for wonderful catering. There are many choices to choose from, but no one will satisfy your budget as well as every guest in attendance quite like Common Plea Catering. Our team of expert planners and chefs work directly with you to make sure the menu and food experience is worth every cent! Give us a call today and let us take your special day to the top.